Jayda Knight (Aka Flying Knight) is a Miami Beach based visual street artist best known for her idiosyncratic Pop Deco artistic aesthetic.

Knight grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design where she earned a degree in Fine Arts and Architecture.

Knight continued to New York working in set design for Saturday Night Live and off-Broadway shows whilst pursuing her career as a visual artist; eventually, moving to Miami in 2014.

Notable for her uniquely playful street art displayed on Miami Beach and Lincoln Road, Knight’s distinctive “Pop Deco” style, captures on point subjects with a nostalgic, often-Art Deco flair-regularly paying homage to art history and perpetually with a sense of wit.

Flying Knight has collaborated with several entities including the Miami City Ballet, Oolite Arts and Timeout.
Commissioned by the LRBID in 2020, Flying Knight presented a work entitled “People Watching” (Monocle Man) which covered the windows of the historic 700 Lincoln rd Art deco building on Miami Beach. The piece reflected pandemic scrutiny and became an iconic piece.

Knight’s so called “Vanity Wallpapers” are commissioned pieces which tend to portray distinctive and often playful nuances of her subjects and patrons.